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 Thieves and Liars "American Rock-n-Roll"

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Thieves and Liars  "American Rock-n-Roll" Empty
PostSubject: Thieves and Liars "American Rock-n-Roll"   Thieves and Liars  "American Rock-n-Roll" Icon_minitimeFri Oct 23, 2009 7:08 am

“American Rock-n-Roll”

Corey - guitar
Joey - bass, vocals
Kyle - drums, vocals

1. American Rock-n-Roll
2. Let’s Rock
3. Walking by my side
4. Fight Song
5. Till the walls fall down
6. Killed a man
7. Promised Land
8. Revelation
9. Prodigal Son
10. Charlie

Love it! Love these guys! This is quintessential American Rock-n-Roll! Killer riffs… groovin’ rhythms that you can’t help but move to… raspy vocals… attitude… a message that’s, Christ-centered, straight from the heart, and belted out with a truck-load of passion… yup—this here is genuine American Rock-n-Roll, the way it’s supposed to be played! Their one-sheet says this about Thieves and Liars, “Placing a modern twist on a classic sound San Diego based Thieves and Liars blend blues and rock-n-roll to bring new life to a stagnant rock scene.” I couldn’t agree more.

I would LOVE to see these guys live. As you listen to the album, you can just tell that Thieves and Liars would absolutely KILL live! I gotta say it again, there’s just no way you can listen to this album and not want to crank it up, grab your air-guitar and rock out! I’m actually having a hard time typing this right now… I just wanna get up and move!

On their myspace page they list, “head banging, loud amplifiers, mustaches, the delta, and denim” as their influences… and trust me—this is an appropriate list!” I hear hints of Tesla, early AC/DC, early Guardian and even Tempest with Jamie Rowe on vocals. It’s raw, loud, hard-hitting… for me—it’s just fantastic!

The musicianship it top notch. The production is spot on. The vibe---I just can’t get over it—it’s freakin awesome! The song writing, while rooted in the old-school of the 70s and 80s, is fresh and very, very well done. There’s not a bad cut on this album. You can put this thing on, kick back and take rock-n-roll journey of soulful hard-rock enjoyment! Fans of any of the band I mentioned above—YOU NEED TO PICK THIS ONE UP!

80s metal blessings,
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Thieves and Liars "American Rock-n-Roll"
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