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 CAGE REVIEW "Science of Annihilation"

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PostSubject: CAGE REVIEW "Science of Annihilation"   CAGE REVIEW "Science of Annihilation" Icon_minitimeFri Aug 21, 2009 5:05 am

We be revamping the forum and putting all of the reviews in one place... soon.. .but until then... here is my review of CAGE's "Science of Annihilation"

The Band:
Sean Peck (Vocals)
Dave Garcia (Lead Guitars)
Anthony Wayne McGinnis (Lead Guitars)
Mike Giordano (Bass Guitars)
Mike Nielsen (Drums)


Track List:
01 Intro/The Power The Feeds
02 Planet Crusher
03 Scarlet Witch
04 Spirit of Vengence
05 Black River Falls
06 Operation Overlord
07 Power of God
08 Speed Kills
09 Stranger in Black
10 Die Glocke
11 Spectre of War
12 Science of Annihilation
13 Edge of the Infinite

Here's a description of the band's music from a past review I found on their website, "CAGE, just the name implies the image of unbreakable steel and an inescapable trap. The perfect moniker for the heavy metal leader of the next phase of heavy rock music. Critics and fans alike have tried to label or classify this 5 piece group from the glistening shores of San Diego, California, with terms like "pure millennium metal", "classic metal for the new age" or "modern day power metal". Whatever you want call them, you should also add "contagious and infectious", as they inspire people to continue to press replay when the cd is in their stereo, and “ let’s go see them again” when they play live."

I would agree with that summation... This is "power metal" with a capitalized, underlined, italicized P!

This album grabs you by the throat right at the beginning with an eary sounding intro---it's sort of sounds like one of those "end of the world" things... very gripping... and then they launch into "Planet Crusher" -- a good name for the tune--it's a power metal crusher for sure!

Here's my bottom line on this album--every tune RAWKS! Every tune is packed with emotion, melody, aggression, power, skillfully played melodies... evocative and powerful vocals... really interesting lyrical themes... very epic in scope... Fans of power metal groups like, Rob Rock, Faith Factor, etc. will dig this album!

Are they Christian? I have no idea--honestly... I've looked.... I didn't see anythink on there website... I will say, if they are Christ-followers, they aren't real open about it. Track 7, "Power of God", has a lot of biblical imagery in it... speaking of God omnipotent power -- but it's a cloaked in veague language that leaves you having to guess where their heart really is--in terms of Christ.

There's nothing "offensive" though--so I would feel saft there... at least I didn't hear anything--I didn't receive a lyric sheet with the tunes.

Power Metal Fans--This one's worth tracking down!

80s metal blessings,
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CAGE REVIEW "Science of Annihilation"
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